The "Taking the Back" technique thread.


Dominic Kihlstrand

I need as many suggestions as possible of ways to get the back from as many positions as possible from anyone and everyone. The back is pretty much the best place to be and I really need to learn how to get there. What are some techniques you guys on the forum use? My favorite, even though im doing it wrong but still doing it is the half guard, out the back and around way. with the underhook, you shuck the guy past you and circle around to his back. The worst that happens is he falls to his back so you cant get to it or he stands up. Some of your thoughts and imput please?
You're talking about escaping out the back door from the half guard. That's very useful, especially against bigger guys that are a lot less mobile. First of all are you training with or without a gi? because there are specific techniques I can give you for both.
i like taking the back from escaping the anaconda choke.
i will give the details when i have more time
the highest % move for me is arm drag from the guard its not that hard to stop but once the initial attempt is blocked you usually have an easy arm bar or arm crush on the opposite arm by moving your hips to the other end and once they defend that if you go back to the original position you can often get their back

another one i use a lot is when someone has me in an arm bar i hold on, stand up and rotate the guy until his face is facing down into the matt, at that point i pull my arm out (from this position its usually easy) and once my arm is out i push the guy down so his face is still facing the matt meaning he is on his stomach then i rush for the back (this is most effective against bigger guys that are slower then you)

last one might be from what we call the bear hug drop ... basically in a clinch wrap both of your arms around the guys body (you have to be really close to them) lift of the ground and instead of doing the regular sweep or hip throw to get them down, lean to one side and sweep the leg thats at that point furthest away from you as you loosen up the bear hug they will often fall face first leaving you on their back

you gotta practice all this a lot before you are able to do it on a resisting opponent though
I really want No gi stuff. Dangerous Dan. And yes, escaping out the back door from half guard is the move I was thinking of. I dont train with the gi anymore. (did for 2 years though) Im trying to get ahold of Marcelo Garcias and Saulo Riberieos back tapes. I did find this one nice way of taking the back from a clip of marcelo garcia's tape.

I really want to try this.
in my short experience, its very easy to take the back from the bottom (in your guard) if you can just get both of the guys arms to one side.then you block his arm from returning to the other side and sit up, reaching around and grabbing his lat, taking his back.
But how do you get his arms to one side? That is the difficult part I would like help with.
I'm not an expert but can succeed with taking an opponents back whilst in my half guard. Say they are on my right side, I like to pull with my left arm at their tricep & shift my hips out & around their back, using your knee to shift their body upwards & away from you.
Egg Nog said:
But how do you get his arms to one side? That is the difficult part I would like help with.

arm drag is usually the way to go....just grab one of his wrists and pull it to the other side while also pulling his body closer to yours to minimize the space he can use to put it can also do it if someone is dumb enough to try to do something like keylock you while theyre in your guard
My favorites: armdrag from butterfly when he's trying to control my ankles, from half-guard b., from failed twister :)