The Pop Up Guard Break to Open The Closed Guard by Jason Scully

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    The last video I shared talked about the importance of opening the closed guard from the feet and I also showed a simple and low risk variation of opening the closed guard on the knees for people who still want to work that method.

    In the next coming week I plan on sharing a few effective ways to open the closed guard from the feet, along with talking about how to get to your feet as well.

    This first video is useful for those who are a little more agile and have the ability to do more explosive movements all at once. This is also one of the more effective ways to get to the feet inside your opponent's closed guard because it's quick and will get you prepared to work your opponent's closed guard open faster.

    It's important that you work this in conjunction with proper posture methods to help you be more successful.

    Stay tuned for more variations of opening the closed guard in upcoming videos.

    Thanks for watching!

    Jason Scully

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