The original Wonder Years was a masterpiece of a show

Life was never simple. Tv shows are not real life. Don’t kid yourself.
Maybe I’m those days people had close ties to their neighbors. But life just was not as simple as depicted on this, Leave it to Beaver, Andy Griffith, etc. This is fiction.
I didn't say life was easy, I said it was simpler.
I've been streaming the original Wonder Years on Hulu for the last few weeks and I have to admit that I'm deeply enamoured with this show, if not addicted. It is a nearly perfect family sitcom that lovingly pays homage to a bygone era in American history, when life was simpler and social and community ties were of the utmost importance. The central character, Kevin Arnold, is so well done, and his inner voice (which is used as a narrative device on all episodes) is so consistent with the teenage male experience that I often find myself feeling his excitement, embarrassment, hopes and fears. The subplot of his years long infatuation and courtship of Winnie Cooper is endearing and relatable, so is his turbulent relationship with his bullying older brother. The friendship of Kevin and Paul is the stuff of legends and brings you back to those intense childhood friendships you thought would last forever. Kevin's dad is the typical overworked and grumpy Suburban dad, but loveable all the same. A lot of history gets covered and the lives of the Arnold family runs in parallel with events such as The civil rights movement, feminism, the Vietnam War, and the counter culture movement.

There's something here for everyone and lots to think about and learn. The nostalgia is strong with this one and as I begin to work my way through the sixth and final season I already feel like I miss it.

I watched the entire series this year. It was good and a bit nostalgic even though I'd never watched it before. I agree with your assessment about it depicting a better era. It was a bit silly at times. I don't think I've ever seen a kid get so much play as Kevin. Did the dude strike out at all? My wife and I were laughing about it. He got like every girl he was interested in.

The one thing that made me a bit uncomfortable was how often they put young kids in intimate situations. That did feel a bit weird. Setting that aside, it really was a good show.
Anybody remember that one episode where they clean up the station wagon and take it to the dealership to sell and then the dad gets pissed when they lowball him?

There’s a deleted scene where Jack and Norma decide to give it a proper send off, and they go at it in the back seat. Shows penetration and everything.
Yeah it hits like a ton of bricks. I think its only competition is Six Feet Under.
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