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    The Lightweights Hand Guide

    MMA threads that are not suitable for the main fight subforums are redirected to The Lightweights for further discussion. Please note that this is not a demotion, but rather a more appropriate forum. Special thanks to Augustus Caesar for putting this together.

    Here are some of the type of threads that get moved to The Lightweights.
    • Personal Ranking Threads (e.g. Here is my top 10 pound-for-pound rankings)
    • Betting Threads (e.g. I just put $100 on Anderson Silva) - There will be a thread for these.
    • Joke Threads (e.g. Chuck Liddell with that look in his eyes vs. Motivated B.J. Penn)
    • Rehashed Topic Threads (e.g. Nick Diaz 1,3,5)
    • Chat Threads (e.g. Which fighter would you want to go drinking with?)
    Although these are the typical threads that get moved to The Lightweights, a thread may redirected there at a moderator's discretion for other reasons.
    • If a poster makes numerous joke threads, or has repeatedly made threads in the wrong forum, they may receive an infraction.
    • If you have a question, please direct your query to the support forum thread. Note that the support thread is for questions and explanations only, so please be civil when inquiring about a moved or deleted thread.
    Fantasy Matchup Threads now go to the Fantasy Matchup Discussion Subforum!
Thread Status:
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