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The last mexican


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Jul 2, 2007
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will be the best suited to beat manny pacman

JMM will pull this off

LOL keep dreaming buddy. Sorry, but it won't happen. Pacquiao will win this fight, no questions asked!
I actually agree. I think Pac has certainly gotten better at boxing since he faced JMM, but I don''t think he's better. I believe he'll try to box the better boxer and lose by decision.
pulling for jmm but pacman has improved. good fight. either guy could take it imo
If JMM can survive the first couple of rounds, it will be a very interesting night.

The question in my mind is this. Has Manny overtrained?
Seriously, the man has got an un-natural lack of body fat.

Those first couple of rounds will be murderous, however.
i'm pulling for Marquez, but Pacquiao is going to win imo....by unanimous decision

then we'll have Pacquiao-David Diaz.....and Pacquiao has said that he wants Ricky Hatton after that
The legend will keeping rolling...

Pacquiao is a much better technical fighter now and his right hand is actually a factor in fights.

Pacquiao by Manila Ice and straight left to drop and KO Marquez in the 10th.
well im sure of 1 thing we will have a really really thoug fight ,and well im hoping that juan manuel maquez win this one by decision but well everyone knoes pacman its a freking demon!!!!
That's what I love about these two guys. Regardless of who you think will win, you know it's going to be a fight. These are top notch fighters that both wear their hearts on their sleeves. Were in for a real treat tonight
This is a fight between two top notch fighters.

I may give in and order this sucker last minute.
shiiiiit, you MIGHT buy it.... Didn't Vasquez/Marquez teach us anything?!
Yeah, i know......

I guess I still can't get over that they charge $50 to watch a fight nowadays.
Its gonna be a wicked fight either way.
I hope it goes for atleast 10 rounds, and it probably will be a full on war cause Marquez is mexican! :p
Hope Pacquiao wins though, "destroyer of a nation" haha :p
This is why you have to be careful when making thread titles.