The karma of Diego Sanchez...

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by eseseses681, Jun 7, 2014.

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    A lot of fighters are known for constantly winning controversial decisions-- Diego Sanchez, Clay Guida, Benson Henderson, Leonard Garcia (although Garcia only ever won two controversial decisions)-- and now Diego Sanchez has won yet another in his victory over Ross Pearson. An interesting thing about fighters who win controversial decisions is that karma has a way of coming back to them; that is, they win a controversial decision most people feel they lost, then they end up losing a controversial decision most people feel they won. In Diego's case, however, karma ends up coming back to him in a different way. He wins a controversial decision, yes, but, rather than later on losing a controversial decision that many people feel he won (an example of this is Leonard Garcia's fight with Max Hollaway; the Garcia hate blinds most of this sport's fanbase, but many people who don't possess the Garcia hate remember he deserved that decision, and the irony was not lost on these people), he ends up getting beaten up but badly and handily loses a decision (BJ Penn, Miles Jury and Gilbert Melendez agree).
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    these judges are absolutely fuckin retarded lol
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    It's not really Diego's fault he won.. Why should he get karma? Anyways I was freaking shocked what an awful decision. I got up and missed it and was praising Pearson in my head.

    Can someone tell me what the post fight interviews were like?

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