The jab in kickboxing


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Mar 3, 2011
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by kickboxing i just mean any sport where you can kick and punch, not a specific style. I was wondering how you use the jab in sparing. I find that to get to jab range I often get kicked on the way in, or kicked while im there. In boxing im the typical outfighter using my jab to control the distance, but when i try and do that now i just end up sitting in kicking distance.
You answered your own question somewhat. learn the different kicks and mix your jab with the kicks as more of a range finder for your punches.
i know the kicks, but i find it hard to apply them in sparring because im always on the defensive because i dont have my jab to control the fight with
Control it with your teep. You can keep your opponent away and control the distance with your teep, as you would your jab in boxing. Once you're comfortable with the teep, mix it with your jab and play with different distance/timings to control the distance
That's kind of surprising that you're getting countered with kicks when throwing a jab. I typically counter a leg kick WITH a jab (or cross). It will vary depending on style and striking speed, but I find jab>leg kick. It's not like leg kicks are fun, but if you counter with a good straight at the right time, it throws them off balance because they're usually still on one leg from throwing the kick.

More importantly, how are your sparring partners beating your jab with a kick? A jab is the fastest strike you can throw.

Maybe you're telegraphing more than you think? Stepping in too far before you throw, possibly? Ask your training partners. They're the ones capitalizing on you.
I forgot to say we don't leg kick. I usually get countered as I move into range. My jabs don't land because I have to stay just out of kicking range
Generally I find kicks without a set up are easier to block/evade and counter.

I jab a lot and I guess I use movement to set it up, power jabs and retreating jabs with jab or straight as a counter to interrupt any kicks.
Use more faints, faint the jab then throw a hard rear kick. After you do that a few times faint the jab again and come in jabbing and get in a hand combination.
Just jab when you are in range. When not in range, use a side kick or teep. The jab is a tool, and just like any tool, there are times it is effective, and times when it is not.
Like others have said, work on your teep. It works just like a jab at longer range. Controls the distance and the center line without compromising your position. But here's a trick that Sinister gave me. The jab is a good way to both mentally and physically reset, while disrupting your opponent. So when your opponent kicks you, whether you block it or not, you move in and jab him immediately when he starts to reset from the kick. It's the quickest strike you can throw, so you'll likely catch him unprepared. And if, as it sounds like, you want to get into punching range, this is the way to do it against a kicker.
The jab is a good way to set up the rear low kick or long knee.