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The FINE Art of the Slam

Mikey Triangles

Bending Joints the Wrong Way Since 1985
Aug 11, 2007
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This video pretty much just rocks
9/10 because the song is so overplayed.

Good find mikey. Wish there were more throws.
Not all of those are slams so much as nicely performed double-leg TDs or hip throws. I fine video nonetheless.
The song is over played, but good choice for a slam video, cause you can sync the slams with the percussion shots. Now we need a judo throw in mma highlight with decent music :p
thank you mikey
I know that in order to learn the fine art of the slam, you MUST play numerous bouts of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
everytime i see the randleplex on fedor i can't believe he didn't die
Nice find Mikey, I've never seen that vid before. Whenever I think of slams, there are always three that stand out in my mind.

Dan Severn's rolling suplexes on Anthony Macias.
The Randleplex on Fedor.
And my personal favorite is Rampage's ginormous power bomb on Arona.
That slam by Fulton at the end is probably one of the most lopsided fights to ever occur, and it probably shouldnt have occured, but Ill be damned if it didnt produce one of the greatest slams Ive ever seen.