The End of Leonard Garcia's UFC Career?


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Oct 9, 2009
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If he doesn't win his fight on Saturday, I can't see the UFC keeping him. He's dropped his last three, and you could argue several past decisions he was granted as well. Don't get me wrong, he's an exciting fighter and a one-time title contender in the WEC. He always comes to fight, but that may be his downfall. I hope he can get the KO on Saturday, a lot of fun fights could be had if he can get some type of momentum going.

What're your thoughts on Garcia's next fight? Previous fights? Future matchups?
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Max will send him on his way.

Anyway I was sure Garcia was already cut after his last loss. They kept him around because he is often in 'OTN fights' but his last fight was nothing to write home about.
He will win 30-27 when many people thought he lost every round.

Then the stats will show he was out struck in every round but it wouldn't matter.

LG gets the W!
Its true, he needs a win badly. If he lose again then hes over for the UFC

Hes not that bad but its a fun fighter to watch. He keeps punching the air, I always laugh a lot watching him
Not sure.... there will always be room for exciting fighters and he's still a recognizable name.
I'm gonna miss Garcia. Chin made out of diamonds, "no fuck given" attitude, goes for it every time.

No way the man brings in the casuals with his brawling style. UFC loves this guy and all of his bonuses show it.
Guy isn't really that exciting, but his lack of defense makes it fun to watch superior fighters beat up on him - though it gets old.

Not a UFC caliber fighter, Max should be able to win this fight comfortably - but I honestly wouldn't be shocked it Garcia steals a decision with some sneaky gameplanning and lots of missed shots at high volume.
I am not really a big fan, and he has not won a fight in forever imo

Don't wana see a guy lose his job though
He won 7 fight of the night bonuses and his fight with KZ was the fight of the year in 2010 and is considered as one of the most entertaining fights ever.

He's just like Guida in that he's only exciting when he's getting his ass kicked.
He's just like Guida in that he's only exciting when he's getting his ass kicked.

And seeing as how he's always getting his ass kicked he's always exciting :icon_chee

But I'd have to disagree, he's not like Guida. Guida just looks to take guys down and control them while dishing out 0 damage while Garcia is all about throwing super sloppy telegraphed haymakers at guys and knocking them out. Garcia would never run from his opponent or just hold down his opponent and do nothing like Guida did against Maynard and Pettis.
even if he loses on saturday night he wont get cut

that said LG by KTFO
I like LG too. I really don't understand the mentality of dropping guys because they aren't contenders. What is wrong with having him fight lesser competition? He is exciting, people want to see him, so I don't get it.