The Brawlers:

What exactly is "brawling style"? Is it basically the complete opposite from stick and move, where you just throw hooks and stand in the pocket?

Pretty much.

what is the difference between someone who is classified as a puncher and someone who is called a brawler?

If you want to see guys who were punchers but not brawlers at all, check these guys out:

Alexis Arguello
Carlos Monzon
Michael Moorer
Kostya Tszyu
Lennox Lewis
Tyson was definitely a brawler IMO. He had most trouble with Boxer/punchers. He just wasn't the David Diaz/Juan Diaz type who lacked one-punch power. And he wasn't the Katsidis type who lacked head-movement.
I fully expect to be listed in this thread once televised footage of my fights exists.
do you guys think it's possible for guys who have kinda sunk a style into them and have fought many fights as a brawler to suddenly change and use a more stick and move style or revert to a puncher style after working on it? I know many fighters that cant change their style because their so used to it. I have fought with a brawler style for such a long time but I think I lack sufficient power to keep using it in the long run and feel i have to switch to a stick style or at least a more methodical approach
Manny Pacquiao, Marvin Hagler, Roberto Duran.
Manny is pretty fucking slick. At least in the sparring clips i've seen of him.
I was just watching him spar today and his head movement is looking nice. he left his hands down and was slipping and bobbing multiple jabs easily
awesome thread, good fighters to illustrate your point. Is there a point? oh well, i liked it.

BTW war Vasquez!!!!!!!!!
The point:

Since I know a lot of you who train MMA prefer brawling styles, I thought I'd show you some of the guys who did and do it best in Boxing if you've never seen them. THIS is how you brawl effectively.
BTW, Suico who Juan Diaz was mauling up there is a regular sparring partner of Edwin Valero, hence his toughness in withstanding that.

i like suico...i didn't know he was a regular sparring partner of valero's
would you consider olivares a brawler?

Good to see you back, and no. I'd consider him a pressure Fighter, he could Box a bit.