The bloated GSP that fought Michael Bisping, though at MW is the best 170 lb fighter to ever live.

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by toronto1994, Sep 9, 2018.

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    Georges came in bloated and annihilated Bisping, other than a few slick combos just like the Diaz fight, but we all know Tyrone would not survive that onslaught. Flame me for being canadian and supporting Georges, but anyone who watches fights & studies style vs style knows that there is no person at WW that could ever beat Georges. If Georges were to lose at 170 again after his first 2 mistakes that he avenged, it would only be against Nick Diaz in a Royce Gracie vs Sakuraba style fight. Yeah, Nick Diaz is my favorite fighter, but you have to understand that Georges perfects everything and goes into the cage and does it perfectly when the spotlight is on. Georges showed Rory the art of dominating wrestlers with an overhand right. If Robbie beat Tyrone Georges would've come back to 170 for a new style match. But he would do the same thing to Woodley he did to Koscheck & Sherk and get boo'd. He's done, he's collecting some extra money before he retires in the smartest way possible and you have to respect that from the true GOAT. I love Fedor but we will never see GSP go on a 3 fight losing streak.
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    Lmao Tyron kills the gsp that fought bisping.

    Same with Romero and Whittaker.
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    Woodley is only a year younger than GSP and has had almost as many fights, many of which were against better competition due to modern MMA have more complete fighters. Anyone insisting GSP is leagues above him is a fanboy in denial. Just the fact that they're both about the same age means you can't make that argument, they could fight right now and prove who's better.
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    Wild West
    GSP is the LONE GOAT. Fedor is in the discussion as well as Aldo.

    The busted steroid cheats don't even belong in the same universe.

    *Crying / White-knighting to ensue.
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    So the MW GSP is the best WW ever? The HW DC is the best LHW ever too.

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