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The Athlete Within


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May 18, 2005
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I figured I would start a log on here to keep track of my extracurricular training, not including martial arts, and log my cardiovascular workouts and my strength workouts.

Right now my weightlifting is very erratic and not very thought out at all. Basically I only do back exercises, deadlifts, bent rows, pullups, some grip stuff, lots of abs, pushups, and that is about it. I figure I need to work on my strength base and so am planning a new routine I've been experimenting with, as in doing the workouts to gauge my response, immediate response mind you!

This is what my workout for weights will look like:

Day 1
Squat 5X5
Bench 5X5
Shoulder Press (Standing, no womanly sitting for this guy!) 4X5
Bodyweight Dips 3X8-10 (Mainly an assistance tricep exercise that is compound and practical)
Full Contact Twist 5X5

Day 2
Deadlift 5X5
Pullup 5X5 (Adding weight on each set but still keeping it at 5 reps)
Bent Row 4X5
Full Contact Twist 5X5

These will be done on Tuesday and Thursday to fit around a busy schedule of martial art training, school, and work (a guy's gotta eat!).
As for abs I do several sit up, leg raise, plank workouts throughout the week switching from low reps to high reps depending on the day. This isn't too much of a concern.

Right now is a lazy season for me. I'm training MA very hard and that is always a cardio workout but for now I'm limiting my cardiovascular workout to once a week:

Burpee Ladder to 10 30 Sec rest. What can I say? I love burpes and I've wanted to try this one for some time now and so will give it a try.
After that I do 30 Sec Jog/30 Sec Sprint on a treadmill. Because of the draining nature of Burpess I'm going to limit that to five minutes and see how it goes. My speed will be 5.5 or so for the jog and 11 to 12 MPH for the Sprint on a 3 or 4 grade incline (flat bothers my kness).

As to goals:
Squat 225 X 5 (Right now it is probably at 185 or 190, not very high but whatever...)
Deadlift 350 X 5 (This one sits at 300 right now, as of about a month ago so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.)
Bench 180 X 5 (Roughly by bodyweight, I'm not a big benching fan, so this is not something I'm too concerned about but goals are necessary)
Shoulder Press 135 X 5 (This one is currently at 100 so this should take some time.)
Pullup 50 X 5 (Fifty additional pounds, nuff said!)
Bent Row 160 X 5 (This one has traditionally been at the same or more than my bench!)
For the dips I just do them as a pump but will work up to adding weight when I get comfortable so right now just a goal of 3 sets of 10 reps done fast!)
Full Contact Twist 100 X 5 (Right now I do this with a max set of 70 and it is currently my favorite lift but I'll take this one slow due to the dangerous nature of it)

Cardio is basically the 100 Burpees with 10 min of interval with all the sprinting at 12 MPH! THis is going to be tough.

As to MA I am looking for overall stability and strength in throwing, lifting, grabing, and controlling and so am looking for definite lower body and core strength.
My grip training will remain on a how I feel basis but I usually work with the #3 COC, which I almost have closed, various leverage bars which I am once again realizing the virtues of strong wrists, and of course, block weights which I am addicted to.

Some will probably criticize this routine but I think it is compatable with time and energy constraints. I'll start the workouts this Tuesday.

I would do this

Day 1
Squat 5X5
Bench 5X5 or Shoulder Press (Standing, no womanly sitting for this guy!) 5X5 (alternate, every other workout )
Bodyweight Dips 3X8-10 (Mainly an assistance tricep exercise that is compound and practical)
Full Contact Twist 5X5

Day 2
Deadlift 5X5
Pullup 5X5 (Adding weight on each set but still keeping it at 5 reps)
Windmills 5x5
Grip work
Why and what are windmills? How do they offer more compared to the bent row?
windmills are a core training exercise... you COULD look them up in the glossary.
How would that serve as a replacement for the bent rows? I already do quite a lot of stabilization exercises, planks, etc, for the core, not to mention various types of situps. I understand the necessity for heavy and unique exercises such as that one, but I don't think for right now it is entirely necessary. I have done this exercise before just wasn't too familiar with the name but looked it up in the glossary, however, I prefer the Saxon bend to this one as it feels like it is breaking you in half!
Did my first workout today.
At the gym I realized why I don't like the gym. Too much bullshit.

135 X5
225 X5X3
250 X5

Basically just working back into these and focusing on form. Nothing spectacular.

Shoulder Width
Bodyweight X5
15 X5
Bodyweight X5X2
15 X5

Haven't done em with weight in some time and so it felt strange. Weird that I felt much stronger on the wider ones than on the narrow pullups. Oh well...

Decided to skip the bent rows...Just didn't feel like it and I was tired as I got up extra early to miss the dinkfaces but still managed to see so many. I call them Curl Bunnies, and yes they can curl more than me, so what.

Full Contact Twist
I don't count the weight of the bar for the Full Contact Twists, just whatever extra weight I put on the top.

Whatever, it felt good, and I'm looking forward to making strength gains but due to other commitments I won't be putting too much time in the gym as MA takes a lot out of me at this point.