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The Archie Moore apreciation thread


Too $hort

He has become my favorite old time boxer,I made this thread so people who dont really know alot about or his accolades.Their is much more to his career than puting people on their asses and being one of the best lightheavys ever.

Archie moore was the only boxer to ever tell father time to stfu you newb and boxed thru nearly 4 era's of boxing 1.joe louis 2.rocky marciano 3.floyd patterson.sonny/ali and the fact he fought marciano,patterson,and ali make it even more amazing .Moore had earned his light heavy weight the hard way becasue he got passed up on ALOT of title shots and finally he got a shot(that was long over due)in 1952 and beat maxim.On top of an amazing career he fought alot often take fights 4 or 10 days between them,he was one of a kind and I really dont think their will ever be anything like him ever again.

I would love hear to your guy's thoughts but can anyone awnser how the fuck moore was able to box at such a high level at such an old age for boxing? really was he a fitness nut or something? becasue he must have a had an amazing regimen to stay in shape,does anybody know what he did to stay in that kind of shape his whole life ?
Archie's defense was great most of the time. He struggled with taller fighters because they could find ways to hit him, like Ali did, but he fought the Rock well. With the less rangey fighters, he was able to perfectly use his shoulders to role and block with. Archie was a pro, in his actions and his fights.

Offensively Archie had some pop, but he was much better at adding damage up. He was a boxer, not a slugger.

If you haven't seen his fight with Yvon Durelle, then you must.
I apreciate.

No question about it, Moore was one of the most amazing athletes ever, and a first rate hall of fame level Boxing champion with more KO
Archie Moore was a great fighter, no doubt.
Moore was better than Ali. He let him win both fights. That phantom punch was such bullcrap.
Don't know about that, but I do know one thing:

Burley >>>> Moore.
Moore was better than Ali. He let him win both fights. That phantom punch was such bullcrap.

I'm not sure I agree with that. Didn't Moore fight Ali at the end of Moore's career?
moore on ali
"the empty wagon makes the most noise"

moore was a big pouncher too he had the ability to drop guys like ironchinned marciano with one shot. although he has the punching power the way he placed his shots were so off balancing ti was amazing to watch him drop guys with awkward shots. moore also had great defense that he taught to george foreman in his return to the ring. a hybrid version of traditional american style defense with both forearms crossed in front of the face.
All time greatness fo shizzle. Hell, the first argument i ever got in on sherdog was over Archie Moore.
Moore was better than Ali. He let him win both fights. That phantom punch was such bullcrap.

Are you serious.... Rethink what you wrote and tell me what doesn't fit?

HINT: Moore only fought Ali once...
Burley beat his ass. And was described by Archie himself as "The finest Fighter I've ever seen."
Thats because he was nice to a homeless bum.
lol So nice he pretended to be knocked down 4 times and barely made it out of the bout. Mmm hmm.
That muscley dude did it for Tyson.
Moore was better than Ali. He let him win both fights. That phantom punch was such bullcrap.

LOL you really mean Sonny liston and the phantom punch....

Moore fought Ali(who was still Cassius clay) when moore was washed up.

Moore trained Ali for awhile but one day he told Ali to mop the kitchen and Ali said he don't even mop his moms kitchen why am i going to do that.......and Ali left. After that Ali was calling Moore all kinds of names untill moore had enough and they fought.

and a prime Ali would beat a prime Moore. a prime Moore was a light heavy weight.

I am actually getting a painting of Moore done for my house.....to bad Moore came up in a age where white fighters did not want to fight black fighters. he would have been better appreciated.
A prime more, was arguably a middleweight.
He had something like 145 knockouts, didn't he? I am too lazy to look it up. I think at three were worked ko's against pro wrestlers, not that it matters. Hall of Famer and true legend. Archie Moore here's to you.