The Anyhow

Ya I think Klotz had this lift in his Odd Lift Competition stuff.
Just watching that makes my core sore.
Holy shit! This is new to me. That looks very difficult. I will want to attempt that in the near future though.
Can it be 2 of the same thing like 2 DBs or must it be 2 different things?
We had a sherdog wide competition for it! I think Sway Dizzle won.
That looks fun, although I wouldn't do it without bumper plates, or I'd die probably.
Fun lift, the annoying thing for me was my ability to cheat curl the second weight was my limiting factor. Really should start training that one again.
I was almost put off instantly by the kung fu front slide, but it was an interesting watch
i kept thinking at first, "why is this hippie lifting weights?" and then i saw the Kung fu sign in the back.
Can you only use one hand per implement or could you use both to get the first one up?