The 3:00am Munchies


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May 23, 2002
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After i come home from the bar I always get the 3:00am Muchies.

I usuaslly eat cereal or microwave a pizza pocket. One time I was so hungery all i had was eggs so i ate Hard boiled eggs with peanut butter. I know it sounded good at the time.

So my question is:
1) What do guys eat when u get the 3:00am post bar Munchies

2) Whats the sickest thing or combo of things you have eaten after u came home Drunk and plastered.
my list of drunken culinary disasters is endless, i've had the idea of levering the lid off of a chicken curry pie and putting peanut butter in it for a "thai flavour" was shit.

Combining cocunut and spaghetti to make........actually that one was okay

I couldn't be arsed defrosting hamburgers so i thought nyeh i'll just fry the bastards and it'll be all good. It wasn't but i still ate them despite the fact they were mashed up half cooked and still frozen in places..

the list could go on
damn guys that is osme Chef Emeril type shit. One time I drnak till around 6 am, and was hungry. Where I live down here in South Texas, barbacoa aka cooked cow's tongue and cheek area favortie for morning breakfast along with eggs beans, etc. Well, I got the idea to go buy some barbacoa. I went and bought two pounds of the stuff, came back with some tortillas too and some salsa, mixed it all up and ate about 11 tacos. Now realize that barbacoa is FULL of grease, but i didn't care. It was damn good. I went to bed, only to get up three hours later with my stomach all fucked up. I couldn't throw up and i couldn't shit. I had teh most horrible sleep and then I had to go into work that night. Shit I tasted and burped barbacoa for the next two days.
1) I grab a mammoth cup of water and munch on some almonds or peanuts and maybe grab a box of raw pasta and crunch those things down!

2) Some fish that was sitting in my fridge for god-knows-how-long which smelled like Janet Reno's twat. despite this it tasted pretty good :(
I have often eaten Chef Boyardee ravioli cold straight out of the can when coming back from slumming.
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1) maybe grab a box of raw pasta and crunch those things down!

God damn...u gotta be hungery to eat raw pasta