That's about as likely as...


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Dec 4, 2012
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Before 2012 if you had said something was about as likely as seeing women in the UFC or seeing John Fitch get FOTN, it would have meant it wasn't likely at all. What else has changed in 2012 as drastically as that?
female divison in the UFC.

Vitor and Sonnen fighting for the LHW title
GSP almost getting KTFO again was shocking.
Ronda Rousey getting a UFC belt.
That's about as likely as ufc ever doing 280k ppv buys again
Vitor nearly submitting Jones after being given no chance at all. He was used as a punching bag for the rest of the fight but that a damn close armbar.
dumb, fitch is awesome. your thread is off to a bad start.
is the sign of the end of the world! #afraid