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Thaiboxinggear.com story -- you decide



I placed an order for these cool-looking Ultraman thai shorts from thaiboxinggear.com on October 6. I emailed a couple of times to check up on the status of the order and got some less-than-polite replies about how it had already shipped and takes 2-4 weeks to get to the US. Then after 4 weeks went by, I emailed again and got some more less-than-polite replies about how I hadn't read the fine print and it takes 6-8 weeks AFTER it ships. After 8 weeks had gone by, I emailed and no reply. I figured I had just been ripped off and tried to get my money back through Paypal, but it had gone beyond the 45-day time limit.

I walk in today from work and the shorts were delivered. I can't fricking believe it. 6 October to 30 December = just a hair short of 180 days or 12 weeks. I just re-examined the stamp and it's postmarked from Thailand on 13 December 2005.

End of the day, I got my shorts. Granted after a couple of months, lies, and rude emails. I am fully willing to accept that my case may be a unique one because I wanted a pair of weird shorts. Not real sure I would order from them again.
I'm glad you ended up with the shorts. That's not bad Dec 13 to Dec 30 with the holiday volume but Oct 6 is a joke.

Wow that sucks man, I definitally will be sure not to order from Thaiboxinggear.com, especally with guys like Ron around :wink:
They should have at least included a beta capsul for your patience I know this dates me and many here won't understand. Unless there is a different ultraman in which case my bad.