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Thai Pads- Title vs Throwdown

I know one guy in the S&P just bought them. Finnegan. Maybe pm him in a few weeks (once he's had a chance to use them) and ask him.

Provided no one here can help ya, that is.
My personal preference is to stay away from velcro and go with a buckle. It's rare that I hold thai pads that are velcro that stay on properly.
Go with the Titles' my buddy has them and they are pretty sweet pads. The foam is just right and they're easy to hold.
My experience with thai pads is that cheap brands break quickly!! Unless price is a huge factor go with the pads that are made in thailand. Best thai brands are Thaismai and Twins. Trust me you might pay a few more bucks but they will last forever. They are vitually indestructible. Fairtex is also just as good, although its a US co., since thier thai pads are made in thailand. Fairtex will also last you for a long time.

hope that helps!!!
Go with KO Thai pads, they BEST eva!!!
Title Thai pads won't be in until June, which they kindly neglected to tell you on the webpage. I know, I just tried to order some.
Thanks everyone, the reason I ask is because I just tried to order a pair of the Title Classics a few days ago, found out after the fact they are out of stock until about June, and they offered me those Throwdown's in place of the Titles, but being unfamiliar with Throwdown, I was tending to wait for the Title equipment, which I have had good luck with...I think I'll wait for the Title still....Thanks again
I have the 'Classic' Title ones. Theyre really thick. Some people complained that theyre too hard. F@gs.
Tell them for the wait they owe you free shipping or something. Fuckers.

I have the 'Classic' Title ones. Theyre really thick. Some people complained that theyre too hard. F@gs.

The pads are too hard, your partners are too soft.

Pussies. :)
They dont have a really flat surface like the MTG ones for example so they dont make as much of an ego boosting slapping sound which is why people dont like kicking them. Theyre more like hitting a bag. I dont really use them since I moved to a gym that has good gear, I just use their pads.
I like Title gear personally, I feel the quality and cost are right on, just never used Throwdown before and doesn't seem like anyone really has, but I tend to stay away from equipment that isn't real leather.
I prefer the Title ones myself...I had mine for years and still holding up.
i have a pair of those titles. or had is more like it.

they're not cheap per-se as far as construction goes - they should last you through alot of abuse, but they just dont feel right. imagine using fairtex training gloves and then using a pair of 20 dollar everlast gloves... you just FEEL the difference. the title MT pads are the same way, they just dont feel as they should - too much mass going on, real awkward to use if you're gonna do any kind of punch/kick combos - especially if hooks are involved.

for my money, i'd save up for a while and buy some real quality fairtex pads. despite being alot thinner they last forever and they feel amazing (to feed and to kick). plus you dont have to allocate half your damn bag for huge pads.