Texas state Wrestling championship bout 140 lb yr: 2008


Feb 2, 2008
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I had wrestled before with the guy in the blue from Austin. Man he is good but he messed up towards the end I'm not sure what the reason was but give me your thoughts on this match and who had more technique and strength/ ect anything you'd like to comment on about this.
was that guys name rasputin?

Nice finish, it looked like the guy in blue tried to back out of the shot with his back first and not his hips. He got to high and off balance and the guy just pushed him onto his back.

(I dont know if its youtube or what but when I try and go watch that last takedown again it gets all jumpy and skips it)
Athletic kids but surprisingly sloppy. Nobody set up a single shot the whole time, and the breakdowns and rides were kind of clumsy. The finish was the result of poor shot selection and gassing.
kid in blue needs to learn how to ride. no offense on top for the entire first period. the tilt was there at least three times. his defense from neutral is pretty solid. he needs to to finish that single leg quicker. most of his shots weren't set up, they were just shot. If he sets his shots up a more, he will get in deeper more.

sorry if this is incomprehensible, it is just a stream of thoughts written down as i watched the match.
They looked pretty bad to me. I wrestled 135 and 140 in Texas about 7 years ago, and I would have ruined both of them and I don't even consider myself that good. I know Texas has some real studs these days, especially at Bishop Lynch, but they both looked pretty raw and lacked technique.

The guy in the blue didn't use a setup ONE time to shoot in. He has decent movement and can probably get away with it on worse guys. The guy in the red doesn't use angles in his standup to setup takedowns, just stayed conservative and squared. Neither were impressive in the least in ref's position. This must have been one of the weaker weightclasses this year.
Thanks for your comments on this. Yeah I didn't see any set ups, but usually the one in the blue gets the tilts, he won about every single match I've seen him wrestle that way this year.
Hayliks, the Bishop Lynch and St. Marks wrestlers go to national preps these days instead of Texas states I believe. I definitely coached against a couple of them last year at the prep tournament, and I'm pretty sure they don't come back to wrestle states afterwards because they don't do any qualifying tourneys. Both have good wrestlers, but the Bishop Lynch kids were more impressive. They were top 5 or 6 at national preps in 2007.
yeah Texas has separate prep and public school state tournaments. but every other tournament in the state is mixed. I believe St. Mark's actually won the State Duals Tournament (Lynch was not invited, and probably would have won).

Lynch heavily recruits wrestlers from all over the country, building their own "Blair of the south." I wrestled for St. Mark's.

I had ~90-5 record against Texas wrestlers, and all 5 losses came my sophomore year. The state overall is weak with a select few studs. .
Yea, the Lynch team definitely does it's share of recruiting. Just checked the results from this year, they came in second at the national prep tournament (that's 1st place when you discount Blair). I coached with a Texas wrestling product last year from Amarillo (Brandon Slay's wrestling club there) who had wrestled at Penn - he was very good but said pretty much the same thing you are saying about the top-heavy status of Texas wrestling.
Was it Martine Apodaca? He was one of the only oldschool legit 4x state champions. A little before my time, but was supposedly very very good.
Anderson has the shittiest football team ever. lol.

guess wrestling is their sport?

good match. Wish my high school had wrestling : [
Was it Martine Apodaca? He was one of the only oldschool legit 4x state champions. A little before my time, but was supposedly very very good.

haha, yup. We coached a team in DC last year together. He does judo competitions now, and is a very solid wrestler. Works on Capital Hill.
Well I guess he was good at wrestling from their team only at 140 because when we had duals we beat them for the second time , last year too. So, this match as always a tough one. Also, I never heard of lynch or whatever you guys are speaking about...what apt of texas is this...
they're in Dallas
the north has most of the powerhouse teams, both public schools and prep schools.
the top 2 teams in the state are prep schools.
Hmm I wish I would be able to go there and train but Dallas is too far away and I will be a senior already so it is too late but oh well, I wish to get into college too for wrestling I want to be something the medical field and I'm not sure what yet and I will be attending UT PAN AMERICAN but they do not have wrestling there and I do not think I will get a scholarship but I wish there is some college or university in Texas or Oklahoma which would accept me. I love the sport!
off topic but i go to school with the cali 135 champ