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Terere Highlight


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Oct 18, 2006
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I compiled some video, made a highlight. Please take a look, tell me what you think

Fernando Terer
I like how everyone was cheering for him and he was dancing around and there were still matches going on on another mat that no one was really paying attention to.
I assume they were shouting

TE RE RE, right?
I hope he gets better if not then I hope hes well looked after.

Slick video.
great HL, i wish there were more terere footage on youtube
Awesome, one of my favorites of all times. Loved the double take down at 3:43. Last I heard he was homeless in Brazil.
Dude the video was sooooo good.

Thanks man.
one of the best of all time.

good music btw
was reading about terere in marcelo's book today. nice little notation in there.
BTW most of the gi footage was from 2004 mundials where he entered pessadisimo just to fight pe de pano. ended up making it to the finals and lost to werdum