News Teofimo vs Claggett June 29th ESPN+ Miami

Quote from Claggett's promoter - “He’s off the April 11th show,’ Estephan said. “I can’t tell you too much more about it, but we are hoping for big news soon.”
He must've secured this Teo fight then and decided to pull the plug.
Claggett is kind of a mick ward kind of fighter. He spends a lot of time in montreal now and gets way better sparring partner than he used to. despite having 7 at least 2 of those were him clearly winning and being in someone elses hometown.

with all that being said that is quite the major step up. he's only beat one current or former world champion. He's listed 5th in the division on boxrec somehow.
Totally hoping Claggett wrecks everyone's plans and pulls off the upset. Dude is always a blast and Teo is a head case.
Miami sucks for sports. Just mediocre crowds across the board.

Sure, if its a Cuban fighting, that makes some sense, but Teofimo? He should be fighting in the New York area or hit the road and fight Claggett in Calgary or Montreal.
For a guy with only 21 fights Teo actually has a pretty impressive resume: Magdaleno, Nakatani, Commey, Lomachenko, Kambosos, Martin, Taylor & Ortiz.
Hoping Lorenzo Medina gets slept. Made an ass out of himself on an MVP card.