Telltale's The Walking Dead season two, episode three discussion(spoilers)

Discussion in 'The Arcade' started by ConsiderThis, May 13, 2014.

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    I have to say, I wasn't really impressed with this episode. I like the new characters Mike and Jane, while Kenny was also pretty awesome. It felt short and there wasn't enough 1-on-1 interaction with the whole cast. I would have liked to talk to Mike and Jane a little bit when they were sleeping.

    There also wasn't any tough decisions and it appears that my decisions in 400 days were not transferred over, unfortunately. Everyone came with me but Vince and Russel whereas the only people at the camp were Shel and Becca. Disappointing, but I can deal with it.

    The dialogue was also lacking, though I did crack a smile at Mike commenting on the first time Jane said something.

    What'd everyone else think?

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    decent episode, but man I'm really disappointed in the 400 days character appearances. I invested time, and was really interested in their stories expecting them to have more screen time other than a line or two. Hell I didn't even know that was Russell that was speaking to me, just seems really weak. Also no 1 on 1 interactions at all, I think they're losing their touch, too many projects they're working on now.

    I've give it a 7/10, it still had good moments but just wasn't as good as last season. Every episode was at least around a 9-10.
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    It went by really quickly. They should have let you talk to the 400 days characters and let you explore a little bit. I got all of them and except for Bonnie they just make short cameos giving one line commentary. Getting to know Mike and Jane would have also been good. Jane has some back story with Troy and they could have hinted at that through conversation. Everything is so anti Carver and Troy is a jerk so having some other characters to vouch for his methods would have been interesting.

    The Kenny gets his revenge scene was great.
    Carlos getting shot was good too. He's so spineless.

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