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Apr 13, 2002
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Ok, I want a confession from all of you. Admit that you watched this cartoon religiously, and loved it like I did.

Why Grubby walked around naked while the rest of the octapedes wore clothes, I'll never know. But, any show that has a character named "The Woolly Whatsit" has to be a classic.
didn't thye have an air ship or something?
teddy ruxbin can suck my huge cock
that fucken bear gave me nightmares
Originally posted by Berserk411
didn't thye have an air ship or something?
Yeah... that huge ship that you could interact with the show with...
I got shot down all the fucken time:(
Teddy Ruxpin fukin rules. I watched M.A.S.K. that show was awsome.
no way, that was around the same time transformers and voltron was on. now those were good cartoons. and the toys ruled too.
Transformers were awsome. Me and a buddy did a paper on transformers in university for Japanese class about the thing we liked most that came from Japan.
In your dreams. Teddy rules all with his knowledge and caring. :)
Teddy fuckin Ruxpin

your are a HOMO

Battle of the Planets
DUngeons and Dragons

these were all good cartoons on....not fucking Teddy Ruxpin

you are now a HOMO
please exit the real world and enter the HOMO realm
Come on Treelo, your only getting mad because you love Teddy. Admit it. :)
Hey I think he might have Donal Sutherland as an avatar so he has to be sorta cool.

Anyway, I'm with these guys I never dug the Teddy thing. My mom DID get me one of the lame ass dolls though. I'll admit that.
skeletor vs. mum-ra? I'd take mum-ra
he-man vs. lion-o? lion-o cause he's a fuckin lion with a living sword
m.a.s.k. toys were great.
but, transfomers owned everything.
those were the days when ninjas and karate was cool, remember snake eyes?