Technique question with the dumbell



Using a kettlebell seems easier for a swing but for expense reasons (I'm a cheap bastid) I'm using dumbells instead.
If I'm correct the technique when switching between kbs and dbs seems very different.
For example when doing a swing with a kb my hand is facing my body (pronated) whereas with a db my hand is perpendicular to the body. The issue is that I feel like I'm being armbarred by the weight at the bottom of the swing but I can't think of any other way to do it.

Any advice?
ummm turn your hand??
If I turn my hand to face me then the weight hits my legs and doesn't really reach the extension at the bottom.
Unless you mean turning my hand so it faces away from my midline. Which feels pretty uncomfortable at the top of the swing (nearing overhead).
what exactly are you trying to do?

this doesn't sound right. can you post a video?

KB's are a whole different beast when it comes to conditioning, cardio-endurance, strength, etc.

it uses ballistic arrays and iso's stabilities. if you are trying to swing a dumbbell, its going to work against you because you lost the moment arm and center of rotation d/t the loss of the bell's handle.

the swing is only the basis of many ballistic elements in KB training, there are hundreds of other aspects to be explored.