Tatami Kids Gi ????

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Mar 7, 2011
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Can anyone tell me if this will shrink at all? My kid got one for Christmas and he is at the bottom of the size chart. The sleeves go about mid palm. I am willing to hot water wash and heat dry. Any advice would be great.
If it's close now I'd be really careful about washing and drying. I'd contact Tatami to verify but I don't think the kids gi's are pre-shrunk. I would lean towards washing in cold/warm, hang dry, then tumble in low heat with a dryer sheet. The latter if there is a little room for shrinkage.
They'll shrink. Go slow as Newcastle said and you'll get it. Leave it a little bit long, as the kid will grow and you probably want the gi to last a bit.
Thanks for the help fellas. I actually really like shrink to fit gis. probably a hold over from judo.

Merry Chrisemas
i'll piggy back the other two responses...wash on cold at first, and let it hang dry. have the kid try the gi on again to measure fit, most gi's will shrink just a bit even on a cold wash/hang dry.

what color is the gi? colored gi's tend to not shrink as much as white gi's.
In case any one else

I washed cold and put it in the dryer on low heat. I have checked it every 15 minutes or so. For reference it is dry now and went from a sleeve length of ~56 3/4" to ~53". The pants shrunk about 2" in length. I can still go a couple of inches on the sleeves and be ok. One more inch and it should be perfect. Right now it is still a tad big but he should be fine. Especially with how fast kids grow.

Quality of this Gi is outstanding. As good as my CTRL and better than my Shoyoroll.