Tarec Safedeins future in ufc.. NOW

Great main event. That's how you pull an upset. Go underdogs!
I don't know that he can be a contender in the UFC but definitely worth a spot on the roster.
I think he can do very well. Will have trouble against quick, explosive wrestlers, but his striking looked very good and he has great composure.
I knew there was going to be at least one upset tonight.

Very happy it was Tarec. He seems like a real nice guy
Very Condit style gameplan and similar style tonight.

I can see how you draw similarities to their gameplans but it was Tarec's TDD that secured him the stand up. I'm interested to see how he does against the UFC's top wrestlers
Funny thing is he wasn't even approached by the UFC before with the other Strikeforce fighters.
if UFC doesnt scoop him up, they embarrass themselves a little bit. great performance. they should put him against ellenberger should jake upset hendricks, in my opinion.

if not, they should have him fight kos. throw him against the tough dogs- no needs to coddle.
impressed with Tarec, but unfortunately he will lose to strong wrestlers like he did to Woodley
He's very good, still going to lose to alot of elite wrestlers. But he absolutely belongs in the UFC.
I had no idea his TDD was good enough to stop Nate. I think Tarec can stay at the bottom of the top 10 in the UFC.
He's a true MMA fighter and not just a kickboxer.

This. So much this. His boxing was incredible, always had his hands up and offered great counters. His TDD was amazing. His clinch work was great, especially against such a big guy like Nate. His leg kicks were brutal.

Tarec has truly evolved into a well-rounded MMA fighter. I would like to see how he handles the top 10 at UFC since most of the WW's are top-notch wrestlers.