TapouT Shirts Question


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Mar 6, 2008
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Probably not the place to ask, but to me it makes the most sense in this forum.

What are your opinions of people wearing TapouT shirts, if they train in BJJ and/or MMA?

Obviously the poser persona goes away, but do you think it's too flash, or is it fine?

Just an opinion question really...
Personally anything with skulls or bullet holes is gaymax
Only thing I think looks ok that Tapout makes is there hats. Just my opinion though
I think Tap Out is just too expensive these days and the reason the poser tag is slapped on their market so much is the same reason Affliction gets the same tag attached to it: training costs aren't cheap and if you can afford really expensive T-shirts and shorts marketed by MMA clothing companies, chances are you are either sponsored, fairly wealthy or not actually paying gym fees.
i'm not really a fan of tapout shirts. i think the majority of designs are loud and flashy and expensive.
i don't really mind their shorts though. probaly cuz i got a few pairs at their warehouse sale for cheap as hell.
this thread has been done to death.
And to TS how the hell do you join a month ago and have 200 plus posts.
I saw 2 guys at the Old Pecan Street festival in downtown Austin wearing TapOut shirts yesterday and immediately thought poser both times.

Just don't do it.

My hat's off to Mask, Sky Scrape, and Punkass for doing what they did a few years ago, but they've marketed their shirts to the worst element of fan in MMA today in my opinion.

Then again, who am I to speak since I own just about every other associated with MMA brand besides TapOut, SeriousPimp, PimpIT, MTXAudio, Cage Fighter (although I'm looking to get a walkout shirt soon), Ecko Unlimited (not yet since this is a cheap arse skater/surfing brand to me), and Affliction.
It's too bad TapouT has become known as the poser brand, since they've been around a lot longer than a bunch of other companies, they're not just jumping on the bandwagon. I don't own any shirts, but I really like their shorts.

If I'm going out, I'd rather wear my gym's shirt. You can meet a lot of cool people that way, and advertise your gym.
Do you call someone wearing a Yankees shirt a poser? This has been done to death! People can Wear whatever they want!