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Taller guys prefer throwing/tripping instead of shooting?


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Jan 26, 2003
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I'm almost 6'0" and I weigh 165 lbs, in my weight division I'm tall, and I find that whenever I go with guys, I usually try to do trips or throws when I try to take them down instead of shooting. Does anyone else feel this way or notice that taller guys usually like to throw or trip instead of shoot? I think guys like Alistair and Shogun also seem to prefer these methods as well, and they're tall too.
I'm 6'2 and prefer throws/trips to shooting. I think it has a lot more do with my judo background than anything else. I think it's just harder for tall guys to get down low for the shoot.
I'm a taller wrestler, and have always preferred foot sweeps to shooting. Arm drag to inside trip and arm drag to boot scoot works like a charm too if you practice. That being said, continue improving your shot. I started relying on trips to much for a while, and I paid for it. If a guy respects your shot, it makes trips much easier.
Im 6ft 165 and guys almost ALWAYS shoot in for a double leg on me..sometimes a singe...I mean like 95% of the time. especially in no gi.
not tall here for my weight class, 6-0"
but i always go for throws and the "pull down" -where you pop thiers lapels and drag them towards you, then take the back.
my takedowns suck , i will work on them a lot more the next few weeks, but i prefer the throws
i also use trips/throws alot more than i shoot. im 6'0 and 160 pounds
I find it alot harder to trip guys who are taller than me for some reason, I can trip people about 2 inches taller than me fine but like 4 inches taller I just can't. So i end up just shooting in.
If you're short and your shoulders are located like one foot above your opponents hip, it's no mystery why it feels easier to shoot and lift. If you're taller, it's a little easier to pull him out of balance for a trip I think.
tall guys are just easiler to shoot in on! I mean i'm 5'10 which is avg to short at 185, and i find shoot quite easy on guys at 6' tall. I also find that hip toss work better to skinny tall guys!
I haven't taken any Judo or Wrestling, but I think i should, as many people I've sparred with have a very tough time tripping me and taking me down, some taller, some shorter.
I'll shoot from the clinch and that's about it. I'm 6'3" and 200lbs.
6' 170 I prefer pulling guard.

But seriously, I usually shoot with mixed results. Maybe my wrestling would not suck as much if I used more trips/throws.
i'm about 6,0 165 pounds, and i usually do a shoot trip, like bustamante,,
I'm 6'2", 228, and I prefer Judo/Grecco takedowns. I also have had multiple knee surgeries, so I couldn't even practice shots or some throws. It's doing better now, so I've been drilling my shot.

The good thing is, because I was stuck walking around nearly with my legs locked out straight while I had the braces and such, I drilled the sprawl a lot, and I've got it as a reflexive movement. THe height is an advantage with the sprawl, I find, as when I throw my hips back and my feet go back, a shorter guy can't get his hands around my thigh and try to drive through. They just wind up a spectator to my totally awesome "Chest on Back Attack"...

SPIN, MFer!!! SPIN!!!
stephen, when i make it to the dc area again, i would like to train with you.
i got you by 15 lbs but your 2" taller, i usually dont get to find people your size to roll with.
i'm 5'11" 170 lbs and don't have too many training partners these days. the only tall guy i occasionally roll with is 6'3" 260 lbs.. so i don't take too many shots on him. :D

my knees are poor and as a result i don't usually get a takedown right off a shot, but it's still my main attempt anyway unless i pull guard. sadly, my takedowns are teh suck.