Taking the back - body control or hooks?

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Sep 2, 2002
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When taking someones back...

do you try and control their body with an over/under and then work for getting your hooks/body triangle?

or do you get your hooks in first to 'latch on' then try get control of their body/head after that?

i find when i control the body first then they roll out of it and back to guard.
and if i go for hooks first they turn under me and get back to mount.
It depends on whether my opponent is in the turtle position, sitting, or standing.

Turtle: I try to sink a hook in first and then go for body position (under/over). When I can't get a hook in, but I have good arm control, I try rolling my opponent (over my shoulder).

Sitting: I can usually get both body control and at least one hook. If they start to turn into you (and pin one of your legs between their back and the mat), place one of your hooks on the outside of your opponent
control arm from under armpit and control wrist, then move to position
I used to go under armpit from the back and hold back of the neck