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Feb 20, 2006
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ok so first and foremost i am a grappler but i work just as much on my feet as i do on the ground i just like jiu jitsu more but im not to shabby on my feet or so i thought.. I had the pleasure of sparring with a profressional kickboxer on wednesday night. Me and the guy are good friends he comes in from like a 4 hour drive once a week to train jiu jitsu with me so he can learn som stuff but anyway my trainer is getting me ready for my fight on the 24th of may and he says that i need to spar someone like him for experience. I had no problem with it i had done plenty of kickboxing matches and felt comfortable enough on my feat to go toe 2 toe with the guy. so we put on the gear and we walk in the ring and i tell him hear is your chance for revenge on all the times i embarrassed you on the mat jokingly and he knew it was a joke. but the bell rang and for the first round i just closed the distance on him because he is a pro kickboxer and he is good at point sparring so i didnt want to do any range fighting with him. so i throw some 1 2's and close and tie up for a sec them try an break off for a sec and then just keep closing in and being the aggressor well that went well for the first round but after that he got into his groove and knocked me on my ass so many times i remember catching a kick right in the mouth and falling through the ropes he just kept whooping my ass from then on out and i felt helpless i had endured a severe beatdown. we were not out for the kill but we were hitting hard enough to ensure a knockout i saw the ghost so many times, and it was raining glitter for 2 minutes straight. anyway it was a good experience to train with the guy him and his training partner ronnie copeland who fought in the WCL come in every week and i look forward to training more with them they are truely the shit and its awesome to have someone of their caliber come into the gym that i train at i hope they can help me bring my striking to a whole new level
Getting hit hard enough to go out in training is not all that productive to do on a regular basis. So I would limit how often you go that hard, especially with someone who is alot better than you. My guess is he was going back at you the way you went at him. Next time you would benefit more by having him work with you a bit rather than just using you as a punching bag. Otherwise you are going to be too injured to compete in Ruckus in the Cage.
that's awesome. it's always great to go hard with someone every once in a while.

my opinion is that you don't know what how you're gonna react til you get decently clocked in the face. keep up the training and good luck in your fight
yeah we dont go that hard all the time that was just that time we were just sparring hard kind of letting eachother know that what are strengths and weaknesses are
its always fun to do that; people don't have an opp to spar w/legitimate-competent standup guys, not as much as they do legit grapplers/wrestlers/judoka

i can't count how many people i have met who have been on the mat w/legit grapplers; hell i have rolled w/ hs state champs, college wrestlers, jc all americans (fmr), college all americans (fmr), a 2x gold medal winner at military games, and competitive bjj stylist (regional/state/tri state/ etc)

but most people haven't been in w/ a legit strikers; i.e. regional, state, national or world level strikers or trainers.

so when u get in u see the diff and its good to get a TRUE understanding of what striking is.

it makes u less intimidated when facing guy who aren't REAL strikers; an will help u in regards to you ability to assess and react and recover better BECAUSE u have been in w/more tech eff and phys able strikers...

i have had on the occassion the chance to spar w/a silver-gold glove champ-one older guy who was like 131 and 13 in amatuers and an pro who used to spar w/evander- hopkins-etc even some karate guys who had done some fc stuff and been regional, state, nationally ranked...

i never thought i was that good, but damn if that didnt clear it up if i had any questions.