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Takemoto, Singwancha battle to a draw and more Japanese action......


Sherdog Writer: Joseph Myers
Jan 17, 2008
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From FightNews.com......

Saenghiran draws with Takemoto!
By Joe Koizumi
Ex-WBA feather challenger Zaiki Takemoto (22-7-2, 12 KOs), 126, dropped WBC#10 super-bantam Saenghiran Singwancha (21-1-1, 15 KOs), 125.25, Thailand, with a solid right in the second session, but the Thailander fought back hard en route to a split draw (96-93, 93-96 and 96-96) over ten frames on Thursday night in Kobe, Japan. Saenghiran recently lost to compatriot Napapol Kiatisakchokchai in a WBC eliminator to decide the official challenger against Israel Vazquez via come-from-behind tenth-round knockout last September. Takemoto also failed to win the WBA feather belt by a ninth round stoppage by Indonesian Chris John here last August. Saenghiran had the upper hand in the second half, but Takemoto desperately retaliated with busy combinations in the last session.

Undercard: Japan-based Filipino Jerope Marcado (15-1-2, 5 KOs), 120, made short work of Thailander Jensuk Sakbuntham (7-4, 2 KOs), 118, dropping him three times at 2:02 of the initial round in a scheduled eight. OPBF#14 Kyohei TamaKOshi (20-5-6, 9 KOs), 125.5, decked a tune-up go prior to his rematch with OPBF 122-pound champ Wethya Sakmuangklaeng this June by halting Masaru Matsumura (8-6, 3 KOs), 125.25, at 1:01 of the second round in a scheduled eight. Japanese #5 feather Yasuki Takemoto (12-1-2, 3 KOs), 130, pounded out a nearly lopsided decision (79-73, 79-74 and 78-74) over Hiroyuki Ohba (8-8-2, 3 KOs), 129.25, over eight. Promoter: Senrima Kobe Promotions.

On our national holiday of the Vernal Equinox there happened three separate promotions; two in Kobe in the daytime and at night, and one in Tokyo. Japanese #7 light-fly, ex-world contender Junichi Ebisuoka (17-10-3, 7 KOs), 110.25, finally caught elusive Thailander Thongthailek Por Vorasing (8-8, 4 KOs), 108, and battered him out of the ropes to have the referee halt it at 2:38 of the fourth round in a scheduled ten on Thursday afternoon in Kobe, Japan. Undercard: Kazutoshi Ogasawara (6-4-1, 3 KOs), 121.75, outhustled Chain Phetchijinda (11-9, 5 KOs), 122, to win a unanimous nod (all 59-53) over six. Southpaw prospect Masayuki Wakimoto (7-1, 3 KOs), 125.25, unanimously decisioned Yodchanchai Sishsoei (6-4, 1KO), 124, over six. Promoter: Senrima Kobe Promotions in association with Akashi Club.