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T or F: GSP will win the stand-up against Nick Diaz.


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Mar 4, 2006
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Everyone pretty much agrees that GSP's wrestling gives him the big edge against Nick Diaz, but in the stand-up portions of the fight, who do you think will do the best?
Nick doesn't have some insane ability like Anderson for example. Just a ton of balls and a don't give a shit brawler style. GSP should tool him everywhere.
gsp will prob use movement in and out to pick nick apart on the feet
i predict afterwards diaz fans will talk about gsp running away and not fighting 'like a man'

Nick WILL fear the TD, and if GSP kicks a lot, I see him dominating Diaz in the standup.

Hope GSP spams the leg kicks and the head kicks, it would be AWESOME to see him floor Nick with a high kick!!!! Not saying it will happen though...just wish it would.
GSP takes it. His standup is ridiculously good.
I think GSP has better standup than Nick Diaz. Way quicker, way more well rounded. uses kicks well, mixes in takedowns, uses angles better. I don't see him laying on the cage and getting battered by Nick like some fighters in the past have.
True GSP is far more diverse in his striking. He mixes up punches and kicks and is great at level changing, covering the distance and footwork. I don't see him winning by KO but I do see him giving Diaz fits and possibly knocking him down.
Condit could outpoint Diaz standing, I seriously doubt GSP who's quicker won't be able to. That front leg of Diaz will be there to be kicked all the time.
GSP will take a similar approach to the Kos fight in terms of stand up. Kick the leg, stay on the outside, dart in and out, and only get in close when going for take down. No mid-range fighting at all. No actual standing with Nick. Just try to pick him apart the whole time. That being said, I don't think GSP will be fast enough and have the cardio (assuming Nick really tries to pressure him the whole fight) to be able to hang with Nick for the full 5. Diaz by 4th or 5th round armbar.
GSP is a better striker than Diaz, but he's also at his best when he's pressing forward and pumping that jab, then jumps out of range. He isn't a powerful leg kicker, nor have I ever seen him fight like Condit did against Nick even against good strikers like Alves and Penn.

Unlike everyone else, Diaz won't go backwards, but keeps coming forward and is also one of the few guys who never fears a takedown. Nick comes forward and throws punches, GSP shoots. Nick wins the stand-up if GSP decides to stand.
Condit showed us how to deal with Nicks striking. Engage then get out of there. rinse and repeat. Now add in the threat of the takedown and you have an almost flawless game plan. The only x-factor is nicks bjj. Csn he create the scrambles, sweep, or work from his back against GSP.
cyborg is a much better kicker than GSP and those brutal kicks from him didn't phase diaz. daley is also a much more dangerous fighter and although he almost finished diaz, he was ultimately TKO'd himself. beyond, playing tag and running away, GSP has nothing for diaz in terms of striking.
gsp will prob use movement in and out to pick nick apart on the feet
i predict afterwards diaz fans will talk about gsp running away and not fighting 'like a man'

That's how I see the fight going, with a takedown with one minute left in each round to score some extra points.
The only way Diaz wins this fight is a sub from his back. Given the fact that he's fighting probably the best top position grappler in the sport doesn't give him a very good chance. GSP will move in and out of range too quickly for Nick to mount any significant offense while striking.
1st - you say that as if mma stand up is somehow separate from the ground game - St Pierre's stand up is enhanced dramatically by his ground game, transitions and TD's which, by the way, is a glaring weakness of Diaz's - a guy whose TD's and wrestling have always been awful and has literally no say as to where the fight takes place
2nd - St Pierre will win everywhere and he'll make it look easy - Diaz shouldn't even be mentioned in the same universe as St Pierre
GSP will win standing up by using footwork, quick combinations with his hands, defense, leg kicks and the threat of a takedown.

So, T.