Sweeping a Wresltler?



What are some of the best sweeps to use against wrestlers? The wrestlers I've rolled all post their legs out wide and drive their weight forward making it hard to get them over. Admittedly my arsenel of moves isn't very advanced, but the only ones I've been able to succeed with are a double ankle grab sweep or elevator sweep. Since wrestlers are my most common opponents, I'd like to upgrade my technique selection. I did have luck just armbarring my opponent the other day, but I could not sweep him at all.
There is no specific sweep that works better against wrestlers than others really, it
Get them scared of a climbing guard and pendulum sweep them when they try to stack you.
Armdrags are good too, but I've often just ducked under their armpit and climbed to their back.
One thing I have to say most wrestlers are good from going from one move to the next. If you throw a series of moves at a wrestle you will have a greater chance of a succesful sweep.