Sweat beads on your inner needs



I just went to the bathroom at the gas station down the street because my one at home isn't working. The manager got all mad and told me it was for customers only.
He only let me use it 'cause I bought a candy bar. I was so darn mad. I drank all the handsoap out of the dispenser, just to show him
I shouldn't have ate all them urinal cakes though, 'cause now I have to use the bathroom again.
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I thought MC Hammer was bad.

Yes, he is. But Stupafly is worse. He's a whore.


He seriously needs a job, a life, a woman a life and a life...did I mention that he also needs a life?
and hes only on 237 posts..imagine what hes gonna be like when he gets to 1000 plus
I think he would look like this: