Sunflower seeds


Green Belt
Apr 18, 2005
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I've found that already shelled sunflower seeds are a great source of protein. I eat two, 2 ounce packages a day that I prewash with water to get rid of the salt. 2 ounces contain 24 grams of protein, 600 calories (mostly from fat) and a lot of potassium. Since I have been doing a lot of running lately the calories are all burned away, good fuel source, and the protein from them is great.
I think the shelled ones are a great snack. I tend to eat them slow though, as one of those little 25 cent bags normally lasts me two sessions of eating. They are very calorie dense, but if you eat them slow I think you can get a lot out of them as far as snacking goes.

I don't purposely eat them slow, I shove a handfull in my mouth and spit into a cup. For some reason though my dad, girlfriend, and sister all eat them at least 3 times as fast.