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    mid-air being thrown for ippon
    i play rugby league at a reasonably high level during the off season im looking to train in martial arts for the following three purposes;
    - for fitness
    -to be a better real world fighter (self defence)
    -to improve my rugby league.

    i will be looking to train 4 nights a week(one discipline mon ,wed and one tues,thurs) as well as doing my usual strength training(weights) and cardio/fitness work (running)

    now what do people suggest as good disciplines to train in so far have been considering boxing,TKD,jiu jitsu,muay thai,judo.

    many profesional league teams have judo instructors helping the coaching staff to improve defense (tackling and wrestling in the the tackle.)
    with this in mind i was thinking i may do boxing (good for aerobic fitness and improved upper body strength as well as foot work) and;

    jiu jitsu, incorporates the wrestling/grapling which i believe will help my defense on the field.
    and also it trans and kicks and punches correct?

    my other option may be TKD(or muay thai??) and judo again a mix of punches kicks and grappling right?

    im open to any other suggestions as to a good combination of martial arts to achieve my desired goals also if anyone knows of some good places to train in CHCh New Zealand woud love your suggestions. im reasonalbly fit and did some tkd as a kid(Around 10 years ago -am 23 now) other than that have done no MA.

    thanks alot in advancce to anyone who can help.
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    From a rugby background then Judo will likely help you although I would say wrestling would actually be better to improve your rugby game. Jujitsu is very good as an art and basis for MMA but would not be as useful for you regarding rugby. I take it you want to do one ground and one stand up art? If so then i certainly would go for Muay Thia over boxing. It will teach you a far greater variety of strikes and is also very good for cardio. Generally wrestling and Muay Thai would be the two i would go for in your circumstance.
  3. Stand-Up!

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    Become an unmovable wall. Take Karate. Good for footwork too. Judo would complement Karate well. If you have the time, throw in some boxing for super abs and coordination.
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    As you play rugby i would suggest Judo Jujitsu Wrestling and Boxing.
  5. ambertch

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    How bout you try sanshou if there's a school near you? It seems the best of both worlds for you - you can punch and kick, and then when you're close enough tackle 'em :)
  6. indigoluxe

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    I think there are at least a couple of MMA gyms in CHCH that do stand-up and grappling, could be what you're after. Head on over to and have an ask over there and you'll get answers for sure

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