Sugar Ray Robinson on "Life With Linkletter" - January 1970

ya i've seen that many times, loved it. Ray, despite some of the wifebeating stuff that came out later still, to me had his own sort of class, his own definition of being a man, a fighter a champion, love to hear him talk about integrity, how he wouldn't throw a fight or demean his talent by taking a dive. One of the first examples of a fighter with star quality, good looks, well spoken, flamboyant, charismatic, Richard Pryor said it best "Sugar Ray fights so good it make you're dick hard".
Man, he sure looked comparatively healthy at that time for someone who fights +200 bouts in his career. Goes to show how technique can help one fights past their prime and still succeed.
ya, it wasn't many years after that where he began to deteriorate but he looks and sounds great here.