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Sugar free Red Bull and fat loss


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Oct 14, 2005
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Hey everyone,

I have been on a dieting/conditioning program I got from the stickys for around 3 and a half months now, and have lost 23lbs of fat so far as well as making significant progress strength wise. I still have around another 10lbs to lose before I could consider myself as lean.

However my exams are coming up, and I have recently started taking sugar free red bull to help me study. Tea or coffee doesnt work as effectively for me. I am assuming that the sugar free red bull must contain a fair amount of sweeteners, and was wondering if it will hinder my fat loss?

Aside from the red bull, my diet is essentially clean (low carb and high protein) and am doing cardio 4 days a week and weights 2 times a week. I would need to take the red bull for around 4 weeks until my exams are over, but if it will stop me (or make it harder to) lose fat, I am willing to find other ways to help me study.

Will around 2 sugar free red bulls a day hinder my fat loss significantly?

It shouldnt.

the sugar-free version uses the high intensity sweeteners acesulfame-K and aspartame.
You could always purchase Caffeine pills in bulk 100 for about $5... they contain 200mg caffeine while Sugar Free Red Bulls have 80mg. Big savings to your wallet also.
You know...you COULD just stick to water and green tea.
Sugar free drinks should hinder your progress. The only issue with sweeteners is that studies have show that they can increase food cravings, there have been quite a few threads about this in the past. Other than that I can't think of any obvious issues.
anyone like it wit vodka? or just me? I never tried it with jager..
I drank it with Jager last night.. Good stuff.

A shot of Jager and a swig of redbull = awsomeness.

Easy drink for girls to get down and drunk on.
Group Jagerbombing FTW.
Big bottle of Jag + costco flat of rockstar = good time, for a fraction of the bar costs.
(I prefer rockstar to RB, and it's half as expensive)
You're not all from Jersey, are you?
If the dude has spiked hair...he is drinkin' Jagerbombs for sure...
Ever tried ginko biloba and those type of herbs?

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