subs you can defend/escape best and sub you get caught in most


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Jan 26, 2003
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the submission that never ever works on me is the arm triangle choke. the defense is so easy that even a baby can do it. rear naked choke is really hard to catch me in too.

i am, however, susceptible to armbars.

what about you guys?
I am the exact opposite of you, the ones that you can easily get out of I have problems with most of the time it is the arm triangle not the RNC, and I can usually get out of armbars 95 % of the time.
guillotenes are my weakness

armbars and arm triangles i am good at defending but cranking the hell out of my jaw is just not fun
I myself get armbarred alot too, but because of it I got good at running sideways on the mat a la 3 stooges to get out of it. I don't get caught in side chokes that often either but when I do and try to defend the guy jsut pulls as hard as he can and I usually feel a crack in my neck (previous injury, some jackass twisted a neck crank full power during training not giving me a chance to tap, only yell and lye there for a few minutes while my arm was tingly) and need to tap from the neck pain, not being choked.
I often get caught in everything....but quite bad at defending leg locks and foot locks
Anything that has to do with being in the guard usually presents a problem for me. I usually have no trouble on my back or mounting someone.
I'm best at leg locks and getting out of them. Actually if someone tries to leglock me I usually either counter and get them in one, or escape and get sidemount.

I don't really think I'm weak on anything specifically, but I guess I've been tapped by arm-bars more then anything. I used to stick my head into guillotines a lot, but only a few times I got submitted that way. Still, I hated fighting out of them so I guess in that respect they were my bane.
Back Crank.

its the hardest sub for me to get out of.....

escaping is otherwise my specialty.
Guillotines. By a land slide.

Getting out of armbars is probably my best.
I catch people in a lot of guillotines and front chokes (no gi)

I think my bane is the scarf hold... once i'm in I find it so hard to escape. and then I get subbed by an arm bar of sorts,
Kawlinz said:
I catch people in a lot of guillotines and front chokes (no gi)

I think my bane is the scarf hold... once i'm in I find it so hard to escape. and then I get subbed by an arm bar of sorts,

People who have good scarf holds (head-and-arm) use their weight to their advantage and make the bottom person uncomfortable. I hate being under in that position. Hooking your legs or even trying other escapes is like a drawn out, tiring puzzle. I get subbed easily from that position.
Yup, I'd rather be back mounted or full mounted... anything but scarf hold :p
armbars are easy to get out of

attempting kimuras seem to be a waste of time 4 me
Guilotines & Kimura's I can normally slip out of. Triangles (less these days) and arm bars are my biggest weakness's.
Very solid defence on triangles, omoplata, and RNC -- even give black belts a lot of trouble on these. Get caught in armbars the most (what else is really left?).
i will not answer, you may be a spy trying to get the secret to my success....
hint...if you attack my legs, you will lose.
i dont really get caught when im going with someone within my weight (+/- 20lbs) but there is one guy whos got like 60lbs on me and abuses it well and just waits till i gas. like he doesnt use much technique just out muscles me. oh btw im 190. the one i escape the easiest is the keylock because im so flexible
ok noone else is gonna say back crank? wizards wanna clue me in?...cuz Ive only got out of it once or twice!