strengthening tendons ?


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Jul 19, 2005
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I've been on acouple of other forums and they say you are able to strenghtn tendons if you are actually able to do this could anyone tell me how ? :(
I don't know if tendons can be directly strenghtened, but they do strengthen in response to resistance training.
I'd really like to know too. I just tore my ulnar collateral and I'm not too happy about it.
First... wait for it to heal. Then, it is my understanding that connective tissue (tendons and ligaments) are best strengthened with lightweight, high rep exercises. This is because they grow at a much slower rate than muscle, and the lighter weight will sort of compensate for that.

However, nothing will stress you body (and cause growth and strengthening) like heavy weights and low reps: you'll increase tendon strength, muscle strength, bone density, ligament strength. But heavy lifting has considerably more risks, ESPECIALLY if you're comming back from an injury. That being said, you can lift heavy for your whole life without incident if you lift properly.

Basically, let it heal properly, then rehab it, then do some high rep resistance work (15-20 reps) for a couple months (remember, burning in muscles = ok. sharp pain in joints and at insertion points = bad and stop what you're doing or lighten the weight until it doesn't happen) and then move on the bigger (and heavier) things.
by the way bruce, WHY do you want to strengthen your tendons?
By stregthening your muscles, you also strengthen your tendons. That's why roids are so bad for you. B/c they build your muscles faster than your tendons and you start tearing stuff. Resistance training will strengthen tendons.
I don't know that strengthening a tendon will aid in any force producing technique, but it will aid in injury prevention. Tendons are what hold muscles to bone. Maybe if you could surgically alter your tendon insertion points to create a better mechanical advantage, but I don't think that's feasible.
I heard the exact same thing that Bacon posted. I heard doing negatives will help strengthen the tendons.
if there are 2 guys that are exactly the same. and one of them is given stronger tendons he will be stronger pound for pound.
tendons are not contractile tissue. strengthening them will not add at any strength whatsoever because they cannot contract, only hold on.