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Strength/weight training and mma, rippetoes/5x5


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Dec 31, 2006
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Quick question here. I started doing the 5x5 before I really began training mma. Since I was kinda noob at strength training and not big, 6' 150lbs I was advised that I should start with the rippetoes.
Anyway I've been working that for a little while now, mostly on the training part and not as closely following the eating/diet part. I haven't exactly gotten bigger but I've made some decent strength gains. Bench from 110-125, squat from 135-175, DL 185-210, BOR's 100-135, MP 60-75. I have however been training MT and BJJ since january, started out about 2-3 days a week and now train full-time 5-6 days a week. When I lift I don't really feel like I am overtraining and not recovering in time for my other training and vice versa. But my question is will I be hurting my gains as far as the strength training goes? Like I said I don't feel like I'm overtraining or anything, I just don't know much about this stuff and don't want to be spending aimless hours in the gym if I am screwing myself up by not training right. And are there other programs for people that train mma full time or is this still the best one for me to be working on?
If you are continue to make gains, there is no harm obviously. You always have to listen to your body. As of right now, this schedule seems fine for you. Sometimes when you are new to strength training, you don't really get up to your full potential as far as weight used due to the fact that you're still getting form down. If you start making increases and your body feels very tired at mma training, I'd look into something else.
You may want to think about doing a 2 day push/pull split if time usage becomes an issue. Basically it all comes down to prioritizing. If you really need to work on strength, I wouldn't alter the strength workouts and let the other workouts suffer. If you really need to work on your mma game, I wouldn't do too much strength training if it hinders your mma workouts.
Neural efficiency usually sucks when a person first starts training. That basically means that you're not recruiting a very high percentage of motor units when you're lifting... As you're training age increases and you become more efficient, you end up working harder and more rest will be needed. I'd roll with it as long as your performance and gains are good. When they start to slide, you'll need to prioritize your training goals and reduce something.
thanks for the good replies, I figured this was the case. I do believe my gains are starting to slow down however I haven't kept up 100% with my strength training schedule the past couple weeks due to work, family obligations, and then being sick for almost 2 weeks. However I am going fully back into it this week and will attempt to put on a few pounds over the next couple weeks as well. It's difficult because my ****bolism is ridiculous already and then throw in 5-6 days of muay thai and bjj. It will definately be mostly muscle gains so it could take a while to get to the ideal weight that I want. I walk around about 148-150 and I would like to be 163 eventually.
The more training you do, the more you need to manage your diet. A good diet can make a world of difference when it comes to recovering between workouts.
Oh noes! I'm a hard gainer! Pity me and my skinnyness!

The more training you do, the more you need to manage your diet. A good diet can make a world of difference when it comes to recovering between workouts.

Yeah, it all comes down to diet. I put on like 10 or 15 lbs of pretty clean mass on rippetoes during football season, just be sure to eat like it's your job. Turkey, pasta and (whole) cottage cheese... you will grow.
The more training you do, the more you need to manage your diet. A good diet can make a world of difference when it comes to recovering between workouts.

Thats it.

If your starting bench press was 110 pounds, you probably didn't eat enough to begin with and probably aren't eating enough now. Check out D&S and look for advice on "hard gainers".
I was your size when I started and now im 165 after 6 months. Its definately doable you just have to stick to it, eat lots of stuff and lift heavy. Also bear in mind that I train Thai and Judo everyday Im not lifting so you might be able to make even more gains if you have more rest days.

Dont expect to gain like 60 pounds in 2 weeks by eating 2 meals a day and not working hard in the gym though. Its a slow and steady process rather than the 'magic pill' effect the supplement industry tries to con people into believing.