Strength Plateaus


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Jun 17, 2005
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Recently iv had some problems when it comes to lifting weights, namely iv reached a plateau of about 140 for bench press and around 60 pounds for arm curls using a bar.

Is there anyway to break through these plateaus? I figured asking here would be the best choice. Any help would be great.
Age, height, weight?

Honestly, hitting a plateau at 140 bench is very abnormal.
Im 22, 5'8 and about 135. Ya, it is abnormal and its a pretty big piss off.
I don't think you've hit a plateau, i just think that your gains have slowed down some. How long have you been stuck at 140? How many days a week do you train? How long have you been training?
uuuhh, 140 lbs. on the bench is that what you are currently repping out, or your 1RM ? If it's your 1RM, then you are doing something wrong.

Off-topic: Hmmm I think my friend is genetically gifted his Bodyweight is 140 lbs. and his max is 200 lbs. bench and has been working out for not even a year yet. Does that sound normal to you guys? If it's a normal progress I am doing something wrong to then, lol.

That's normal progress... i think. I've been working out for around a year, and Im 17.. 5'7 160-165 pounds low bodyfat, and i bench around 220. And I really dont put that much of an emphasis on my flat bench.
Iv been stuck at 140 for just under two weeks now and i work out 3 or 4 times a week, leaving a day in between each session for recovery. I took almost 7 months off from doing any sort of concentrated training sessions and i started easing myself back into it in the middle of august.

I dont know if this makes any difference, but for whatever reason, if i take any sort of break from working out i lose everything that i gained strength-wise. I have a much higher than normal metabolism so i dont know if that is part of the problem or not.

My one rep max was 160. Sorry, i shouldve said that earlier.
How many days a week do you train chest?

Also... being stuck at a weight for UNDER two weeks is NOT being stuck at a plateau. Come on man... Patience... patience.
THe first day i do chest and legs, second is biceps & triceps, third is forearms and shoulders and if i can fit in another day, i do everything.

Its jsut that the last time i trained really hard i managed to reach 175 for benching and curling 70 with no problem and it only took me about a month and a half longer than now to reach 175. Its odd, i know, but thats the way things work for me. I know im doing something wrong, but im just not sure if its me thats doing it or if its merely natural or what.

I only asked if it was a plateau problem so if it kept up like this that id have something to fall abck on and know how to fix it. Thanks for your interest though silentcircus...much appreciated.
ummm... you know, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say your program probably isn't as good as it could be. Just a guess since you're focusing on bench and curls...

ok, first, have you looked at the FIRST PAGE of this forum to see the bench thread that carnal just made?

Next, What do you squat and deadlift?

how long have you been lifting seriously?

What EXACTLY does your training entail? eg, what does your routine look like?

WHY are you so light? Eat something... BUY A WATCH.
Hehe, I'm 130 lbs. skinny rat to. But my goal is to lift as much weight as possible at my natural weight (I'm still trying out 5x5 on compound lifts). Not so much into bulking...