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    Welcome to the Street Coliseum subforum! This is the one place on the Sherdog Forums you are allowed to post street fight videos, gifs and images. Please keep it all contained within this subforum.

    Apart from the site's rules and regulations that apply to all the subforums here, namely Forum Rules & FAQs, the following are examples of types of pics/gifs/vids NOT to post on this new subforum:

    - Brutality/Gore threads/posts/images showing a person or persons getting maimed or killed, and no curbstomping and the like
    - Nudity/Pornography, including includes links or URLs to those sites
    - Rape/Sexual Assault threads/posts/images
    - Racism/Racial and Non-Racial Slur threads/posts/images; including race, ethnicity, religion, sex or sexual orientation
    - Scat or Urine threads/posts/images
    - Grossout threads/posts/images, including bodily fluids
    - Underage/Pedophile/Incest threads/posts/images

    If you post copyrighted material, we reserve the right to remove the video/post/thread without notice and your account may be restricted.

    Lastly, all threads will be closed after 1,000 posts. If it is a reoccurring thread, then simply link the previous thread(s) in the new thread's OP.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to PM myself or any of the moderators or administrators.

    Welcome to The 201, and bring on the open-air dentistry!
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