Strangely enough...


Fear God
Apr 6, 2002
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...given the amount of time I invested in this place over a period of several years I dont miss it at all, in fact Im happy to be other directed. But that said I want to give my regards to the familiar faces and extend my best wishes to the people I dont know. Stay strong and stay healthy.

Happy trails kids,
Skyboat, did you used to post at a forum called "Mass Monsterz"?
I think everyone posted there at one point or another.

Skyboat,you are SUCH an Aussie snob.
that's normal skyboat. I too am happy to be other directed when I am. It's a weird relationsip people form with sherdog, but I rarely think they like the place enough to miss it. I certainly don't. HA! Hope everything is going well.
Does no one love this place?

I love this place. I'm not afraid to admit it.

:: sniffle ::

You guys are like a second family to me... comprised entirely of older, stronger, belligerent brothers.
Skyboat, although I caught the tail end of your posting, you will be missed. TAke care man and It was good hearing from you again!
I was expecting "Strangely enough...I've returned too"

Oh man. Anyways, it's good to hear from you.
Fuck you, you aren't one of us anymore.

Oh wait, wrong forum. Eh... Keep pumping?
Wait, so is this the Skyboat who moderated MM and had a girlfriend who he got into arguments all the time with on the forum because he liked the Red Sox and she liked the Yankees (or vice versa)?
Take care Skyboat. Hate to see you go...

Having no idea who you are I will say this......Toilet Seat