Straight sets vs Ramping


Feb 25, 2008
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I want to collect some opinions on what you guys think is more effective -- doing multiple sets at a heavy weight or ramping up to a heavy weight. Which one is more effective for which goals, which do you prefer, etc. You get the idea. I like straight sets because I don't have to run around the gym collecting plates, the progression is really simple, and because I don't have to second guess how much I am increasing the weight between each set.
You should use both. If you have always used straight sets ramping up might bring you some new gains.

I sometimes ramp up to a heavy single and after that drop the weight and do straight weight sets.
Possibly what? I know both have merits, I am asking you which one you prefer and which do you feel is better at what goals.

I couldn't tell you which one is better for a certain goal because I'm still a pup in the iron game. I can tell you, however, that there is no reason to one over the other...barring the use of a program with specific guidelines. But if you're using a program that you made should use both.
I often do both in the same workout. Ramp up to something big, then do sets across at a lighter weight for volume.
Well im doing Bill Starrs 5x5 and he uses both. one day you will ramped up bench and then just flat squats and rows. Then on the friday flat the bench and ramp up the others.
While there is no "best" way to lift (besides with good form) the purpose in different methods are to vary your program. If you're doing a 5x5 program, do it for 5 weeks, then do a ramping load for X amount of weeks, then do 8x3, etc. Just to keep your muscles guessing and changing. Sticking to the same thing will make you plateau.