Stiverne vs Wilder - A study of styles and a prediction

Discussion in 'Boxing Discussion' started by wilddeuces, Jan 11, 2015.

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    I don't agree that the jab is the key to beat Stiverne nor do I think he is better when the other guy comes forward.
    What STiverne troubled against Austin was especially lateral movement, Austin being crafty and clinching and Austin ducking under Stiverne's punches while circling out of corners.
    Stiverne is at his best vs opponents that stand still not against those hwo come forward. Arreola outworked Stiverne and Stiverne doesn't like to fight on the inside but at midrange and he fights best against those who stand still at midrange but closing range alone isn't really something he's terrible at it's jsut when lateral movement gets added where he gets frustrated.
    But Wilder fights in straight lines, doesn't clinch and doesn't move his head and especially at 6'7 won't duck under Stiverne's hooks.
    I also think Stiverne will win because of that I just disagree in with what his weaknesses are.
    Stiverne's guard can be penetrated by straight punches and Wilder has a good straight right also Wilder's uppercuts could find the target but they are a double edged sword as Stiverne can counter them with left hooks.
    If Wilder doesn't blast Stiverne out in the first few rounds we'll also see how good his chin really is if it is as shaky as some fights have suggested than it might end very painfully for him
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    ^ basically explained the fight to me. much appreciated

    dont care who wins just want it to be crazy. all the HW fighters that are on the brink of top 10 seem to be exciting, then once there in they get overhyped and outclassed against klitschkos. itll be cool to see these guys keep having scraps before the inevitable

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