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Stitch Gear Reviews? Gloves for a friend

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment Discussion' started by ASEGSEA, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. ASEGSEA Guest

    Hey fella's,

    I'm looking to buy my friend some entry-level MMA sparring gloves. He's just now getting into MMA and wants to spar with me on weekend. Not wanting to get smashed in the face with cheap Title MMA rock mitts, but do want to buy him some gloves, I've noticed the Stitch brand.

    MMA Gloves : Fighter Warehouse

    Fighterwarehouse claims they're just as good as CSI, but half as expensive.

    If that's true I'm all over it.

    Otherwise, anyone got some tips? I want to keep the budget under $50.
  2. ASEGSEA Guest

    Dude you love Cageside. When I was searching for Stitch reviews on Sherdog I've seen you champion Cageside since the beginning of this year.

    They're either really badass, or you're getting paid. :p
  3. They have been really consistent, seem to fit everyone and they hold up really well.

    In our Gym we have their:
    Hybrid Head gear
    14 and 16oz gloves
    Both versions of their MMA Sparring Gloves
    MMA fight Gloves
    Plain Black Shorts
    rash guards
    One Thai Bag
    Three pairs of Thai Pads

    The Thai bag isn't as nice as KO.
    The Thai pads are on the Firm side

    I had a guy order his own Shin guards from one of the big stores.
    They looked good.
    Two classes later, the straps were starting to shred.
    His words "I guess i should have ordered Cageside..."

    I'm not getting paid but I did get a dealer account for our Gym
  4. ASEGSEA Guest

    You know, I like that Sherdog really supports the up-and-coming companies like CageSide, KOFG, and Renegade. I bought my thai bag fom KOFG and it's quality. Maybe I will try out some CageSide's...
  5. Mumrik Silver Belt

    Oct 15, 2006
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    The downside is that the forum sometimes jumps on the bandwagon of an upstart that posts here, and then a bit down the road it ends up in tears.

    examples are
    Protech - lots of people got ripped off when they went out of business
    TXMMA - extremely long delays on orders and email. Also plenty of errors in the orders. AFAIK nobody's been ripped off in the end though.

    Cageside has been popular here for a rather long time though. It's as if they took over when people stopped hyping SSF. I have yet to hear anything problematic about Boomer.

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