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Stipe looking slow

Yo why each strike look high key low T tho like he just clockin in for him work shift no killer instinct fam like mans just wants di check so he ain't gotta do di 9-5 scrappin' w/fire no more to make ends meet I rate it stay on dat hustle fam ting get better 🙏☝️💰
Meh I'm going to wait until he fights in the cage.

For some reason it looks to me he's not even trying.
Yes you'd be surpised, I spent quite a bit of time last week going back and forth with some guy on here about how this will be a competitive fight, and how much stipe deserves it and all that. Mindblowing shit. I hate boomers seriously.

I feel like some 45 year old white guy must have been living vicariously through stipe tryna argue with me on a karate forum smdh

Casual exposed

that dog just chillen, playing with a toy. my wife screams from a spider and my dog be ripping drywall off the studs. cant even wrestle around with my kids without the bastard biting my foot and shaking like a madman.
That’s a hilarious observation and so true
Hey Stipe, where did you get the camera to film this? Govxdotcom?
Its amazing people think Jones would have trouble with this geezer