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Stillman's Training Log


Brown Belt
Dec 18, 2007
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Weight- 161 lbs.
Height- 5'11"

Looking to increase strength for football,and lose weight for wrestling. Also looking to decrease body fat while gaining some muscle and also increase endurance.

Right now all I have been doing is LSD running and Biking,and all I have for weight equipment is two 20 lb. dumbells...So I definently need some help there

45 min. LSD Running
50 Sit-ups
50 Crunches
25 Push Ups
20 lb DBs is more than enough to accomplish your goals.


try the magic 50 for starters
There's an article on rosstraining about constructing an adjustable sandbag. I'm basically limited to a sandbag and 50lbs of dumbbell. You should totally look into it.
Yea I will go ahead and second rosstraining.com, and start saving your milk money up for a set of olympic weights. Or if you can't afford it, buy some sand and make a sandbag (I believe there are further instructions on rosstraining.com). For now, start doing burpees and snatches.
Another 40 Minute Run tonight is all....

Weight- 158.5 lb.
Weight- 157.5

Still 40 min. run,same other stuff as usual....

this may seem boring but I'm just trying to drop weight/fat/mass so I can rebuild
Update,I guess the work paid off- 146 lbs now
Wow I actually found this somehow,anyways NYS Grappling Championships are in 2 weeks so...

1. I need to get my cadio back near wrestling level
2. I need to make sure my strength is good for those armbars and chokes
3. I need to learn BJJ

Lifted yesterday-Arms, Chest, and Traps