Stephen Abas retires


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Jun 23, 2007
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After losing in the Olympic Trails last night
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Apparently Harry Lester has also retired, shocking because Lester is only 25. After losing to a high school senior (the first high schooler in 32 years to make the US olympic team) he called it quits.
I've had the pleasure to watch him wrestle, and be taken down by him at one of his camps. NCCA Champ 3x, silver medalist in 04....They actually dropped the program here at Fresno ST. where he wrestled at!!
ps. If any one has seen the "season" with Iowa wrestling, He is the guy who destroyed the Iowa's 125lb in the finals. The show followed that guy on his path to being a NCAA champ, and then it shows Abas walk out as his opponent:redface: